Performance Chiropractic Gloucester County NJ

Performance Chiropractic Gloucester County NJ is a Spinal Health care provider that should be your first port of call for your Chiropractic Care. If you’re experiencing Back pain, Lower back pain, headaches, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, sprains, as well as non-musculoskeletal conditions then Performance Chiropractic Gloucester County can help you alleviate pain and optimize your health. The non-invasive approach that you can receive from the Chiropractor in Gloucester County can be the answer you’re seeking for your pain and discomfort.

Your spine is a vital part of your overall well being.

The spine is a vital structure to your body and it houses and protects your spinal cord as well as providing mobility for your upper body. The spine is a very complex structure with multiple joints at each spinal segment each of which make up the spinal column. Your overall well being can be greatly affected by these spinal segments being misaligned or functioning incorrectly. When this happens it can affect the nerves exiting the spine. The Chiropractor in Gloucester County can attend to the irritations along the spine by manually repositioning or adjusting these joints.

About Performance Chiropractic Gloucester County

Performance Chiropractic Gloucester County uses many chiropractic techniques including diversified, flexion-distraction, manual, adjusting manipulation, motion palpation analysis, traction, trigger point therapy, decompression traction, therapy, Thompson drop table, sacral occipital technique. These techniques are used to help to bring your spine into alignment and relieve stress to the nerves that exit the spine. Each technique used by performance chiropractic Gloucester County is decided with the Chiropractor and Patient on an individual basis.

Performance Chiropractic Gloucester County also provides other services for your full well being. Theses services include Acupuncture, reiki, meditation, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, manipulation under anesthesia.

Performance Chiropractic Gloucester County specializes in auto injuries, sports injuries, rehabilitation, whiplash, and shoe orthotics.