"Lower back problems have plagued me for over 20
years and it was not until I became a patient of
Dr. John's that I found a long-term solution.
My problems peaked several years ago when I was
suffering from pain through the entire length of
my left leg. My primary physician's approach with
medication was not to my liking, so I sought
relief through Dr. John. Within several visits the
pain subsided and I have been a believer ever
since. Dr. John's personal approach and his wide
range of treatment options make his practice a
great comfort when my lower back strikes. You
cannot go wrong when seeing Dr. John/Performance

-Dennis S.

"It's amazing how chiropractic treatment has
helped my chronic sinus problems!

Since I was a child I suffered from frequent
sinus headaches. A friend suggested I see a
chiropractor for my headaches. I never thought
to seek chiropractic care for my sinus
headaches, but it worked!!

Since I have been seeing Dr. John I went from a
few headaches a month to only a few a year. Dr.
Johns flexible office hours fit easily into my
very busy schedule. If I have a heaadache, I can
usually be seen by Dr. John that same day and my
headache is gone in an hour...amazing!!

Chiropractic care is an easy, relaxing and
affordable solution to a life long problem."

-Danielle P.