Mental Health

At performance chiropractic we believe in caring for your body and mind for complete wellness. Mental health and counseling services are also available through the following providers:

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Melissa McLean, MA, LPC 

    Professional Counselor and Certified Professional Coach

    Owner and founder of Morning Joy Counseling, LLC, I'm a New Jersey based Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Professional Coach who believes that it takes a lot of courage to recognize that you may need help in certain areas of your life! Sometimes you just need someone to walk alongside you, providing you support and motivation as you work towards your goals!

  • Tammy Norris, MSW, LCSW, LLC

    Phone: 856-220-9685

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    Jeanine Dunn, MSW, LCSW

    Jeanine believes it is important to provide clients a non-judgmental space where their voice is heard and their feelings are validated. She feels it is necessary to meet people with warmth and compassion. Jeanine understands the most important goal is to build a trusting relationship with her clients so they feel safe and supported. Because everyone’s therapy process is unique, she may use a combination of treatment modalities and approaches to fit her clients needs.
    Phone: 856-498-6624

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